Here you can find some of Freelance Photographer Lilly Goga’s thoughts on modern photography and the equipment and skills needed to be successful in the current industry. Because of her extensive knowledge of photography, Lilly Goga has taken up a hobby and began engaging in creative writing. As a matter of fact, her passion for stimulating images and graphic design are what fuels her writing. In her words, creative writing helps her relieve stress and gain an insight into her surroundings.

Lilly Goga

Lilly Goga

More specifically, Lilly wants to turn these creative writing endeavors into a new division of her current business. How she wishes to implement this is currently a work in process. Also, she posts her blogs on the platform Medium, a diverse and proven platform where bloggers from all over the world can share ideas, knowledge and blog about a variety of topics. From politics, to lifestyle choices, religion, to dieting, anything and everything can be discussed on Medium.


Professional Wildlife Photographer Lilly Goga’s Must-Have Photography Accessories for 2019

If you are unsure of what your next photography accessory is, look no further. Whether you are traveling to exotic locations or staying close to home; here’s a list of the things you should bring to your next photo shoot to help you capture engaging shots. This is according to New York Film Academy graduate and professional wildlife photographer Lilly Goga.

Professional Photographer Lilly Goga’s Tips for Taking Great Photos this Summer

As a professional wildlife photographer and graduate of the New York Film Academy, Lilly Goga knows how to take excellent quality photographs. She took the time to share her expertise and outlined the following 11 tips to help capture professional photographs this summer. 1. Take More Photos: Want to take better photos?

Professional Wildlife Photographer Lilly Goga Discusses the Biggest Challenges Facing Modern…

Our photos are getting more views than ever these days. With the opportunity to share them with friends and followers around the globe through photo sharing sites like Flickr and via social media. Social channels like Instagram are really pushing the bar forward on professional and amateur photography. It can seem like everyone’s photo posts are getting professional help these days.