Firstly, Lilly Goga Photography has had the pleasure of featuring in numerous publications articles throughout her working career. She is of the firm belief that these articles are a great teaching tool. Not only can they spread experiences to others but they also have the ability to teach.


On Inspirery and Hobby Jam, Lilly Goga spoke about her early life and what propelled her to her current career in photography. She talked a lot about what has inspired her and what keeps her motivated everyday. In addition, Lilly spoke about her passion for technology and finding the latest greatest piece of photography tech. Not only is it important to her career, but it is a direct reflection of the generation that she was raised in. While she believes that running her business successfully is important, she takes an equal amount of pride in helping others develop their careers as well as taking other artistic risks. Lastly, she spoke about her most satisfying moments in her business and what she is most excited about.


Lilly Goga

Lilly is a native of Calgary in Alberta. As a child, she found inspiration in everything around her and her parents encouraged her artistic side. This led her to experiment with many different mediums. Among the options that she pursued for a time were finger painting, drawing with charcoal, creating digital art and eventually photography.

Lilly Goga Details the Steps for Taking a Beautiful Photograph | Prague Post

Today, nearly everyone carries a powerful camera in their purse or pocket. Even though smartphone and digital cameras are easy to use, they may not always take the best pictures. Lilly Goga, a freelance wildlife photographer, breaks down the steps to take a great photograph using a smartphone or digital camera.

Lilly Goga Breaks down the Tech You Should Take on a Modern Photo Shoot | TechBullion

When people want to move away from being amateur photographers to experts, there are many different types of equipment that they should consider purchasing. A smartphone or simple point-and-shoot digital camera can be great tools for the inexperienced photographer, but an expert needs more complex equipment to make their art stand out.

Lilly Goga | Inspirery

Lilly was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. This lovely area of Canada is rich in history and near vistas that inspire some of the most interesting art. Lily was not immune to the architecture, history, or countryside. From childhood, she was always fascinated by the world around her.